Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Down to Earth to Daydreaming

I've been told before that I'm quite down to earth and then, on the other hand, I've been told I'm a daydreamer. I really don't mind this quite dramatic contradiction. And I'll tell you why.

The down to earth part in me

My uncle told my mum that he thinks my brother and I are very down to earth. I believe that the ones I love who also surround me (physically or on the phone/over Skype) are down to earth people and being reminded of these values because they are so often around me helps. I'm down to earth in that I understand my priorities and what and who should be put before what other things or people. I understand, like most, that I'm not who the earth revolves around and I understand that hard work is necessary and I won't be handed any successes with ease. I think being down to earth is important because it means understanding others and also yourself. I think it then rolls into having other qualities I so aspire to have, like humbleness and sincerity and all the other good stuff!

The daydreamer in me

For good measure, I'm a daydreamer! In a way there are no limits to my daydreaming, which is almost exactly the opposite of being down to earth, in my head! I adore imaging how my future is going to turn out, which always involves me using my future books I've written as pillows and all sorts of other necessary furniture so I can always be surrounded by them at home. I love thinking about days out in the future and holidays that aren't even planned or talked of yet. I'm your classic daydreamer and sometimes I'm your classic daydreamer x100.

A little conclusion

I actually believe these two attributes work in tandem- they can really complement each other. It is a good thing to reach for the stars and I hope I always do- daydreaming is good for this. It is also good to know when something isn't possible- I can't do all of those a million fabby things today and I have to draw a line and throw away my musical theatre career (apparently my talents do not lie in this field). Daydreaming is good because it can often outline what I really want from my life and being down to earth means I remain somewhat of a humble human being and can continue aiming to be better!

Advent Calendars & Fluffy Gloves,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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