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8 Messages of Christmas

In the spirit of Blogmas (which you can read about HERE!), here we have a Christmas post to allow a blogger to let their excited festive feelings out onto the blog. Today I want to talk about some awesome messages that should be learnt from twelve different Christmas films!


1. Love Actually

There are more than a handful of messages that should be taken from Love Actually, but I'll focus on the one that Hugh Grant sets up for us at the beginning of the film, letting the thought be known throughout. He concludes that if you look for it, "love actually is all around." It's so easy to get a bit glum about the sadness in this world, especially when it's all around you, however Hugh Grant tells us that it is around us- I will remember this when things aren't going my way. Despite how sad the world can be, there is goodness everywhere- even when you don't expect it.

2. Elf 

Elf shows us the importance of spending time with family that deserve our time. Walter, Buddy the Elf's father, lets his life be taken over by work. He forgets the importance of being at home with his youngest son, Michael and his wife and making his work dictate his mood too. When Buddy realises that he is not as welcome as he hoped he would be when he searched for his dad, he leaves. After Michael makes it clear he is disappointed in his father who makes his loyalties to his work stronger than those to his family, we see what happens when a family works together. And it's jolly.

3. The Holiday

The Holiday teaches a lesson similar to the former shown by Elf but rather than realising our priorities when it comes to work and family, we see why letting go of people who bring us down brings us happiness with other people who deserve our love more and also happiness just for the sake of our own piece of mind. I used to find it so hard to let go of certain things - whether it be people or an experience - but I'm getting much better and The Holiday shows why it is so crucial. Why should we spend our time on people who don't see our worth or let us feel less great than we are when we could be bettering ourselves- with or without the help or others?! I know that since letting go of certain memories and a few people, I am a much, much happier person!

4. Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas teaches us about how important "having heart" is. Arthur and his brother Steve are the sons of Santa and one day Steve is expected by all to take Santa's place. We learn that Santa and Steve don't quite understand what being Santa and having the responsibility is about anymore. Arthur is pushed aside as the "useless" one, when really, he understands that Christmas is about giving and wanting to make others happy. Whereas Santa has come to just want to get the job done and Steve wants to introduce h is new technology to make an effective way to make sure all of the children get their presents, Arthur wants to see the children's happiness and ensure they all get the Christmas experience. It's a more-than-sweet and true message.

5. The Grinch

The Grinch teaches us how important kindness is. We see how the Grinch has become so isolated and sad, lonely and evil because of the effects of a cruel society. We see how Cindy Lou's kindness helps the Grinch and she portrays what Christmas is really about: helping others and creating a lovely togetherness. In turn we see the Grinch become integrated into society and spreading kindness too. Christmas should be kindness.

6. Scrooge

The re-telling of A Christmas Carol shows Scrooge's character develop from someone who loathes not only Christmas, but the values it represents - to be selfless and to love - to someone who is humble, who is kind. To someone who wants to love and live with others. Christmas, when we can give, should be about helping those who are struggling and although this story portrays a lot of awesome messages, this is my favourite.

7. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Disney's I'll Be Home For Christmas has become one of my favourites. Jake doesn't want to go home for Christmas despite his family wanting him home with them. When his father strikes a deal with him: In exchange for coming home for Christmas, he can have the Porsche. When he is stuck in a dessert and has to go through all sorts to get home in time, he learns what Christmas is really about. Although this is a similar message to Elf, he learns not only that Christmas is about Christmas, but it's not about materialistic things... Life isn't about the materialistic things.

8. The Santa Clause

I think The Santa Clause teaches us to embrace the Christmas spirit. It's about a boy and his believing in Santa Clause. We see how his and his father's involvement in being Santa creates the most awesome, festive atmosphere and it, in turn, encourages us to use Christmas to be positive and take on these amazing values and to keep them with us until the next year!


What other Christmas films portray awesome messages?

I wanted to write about Jack Frost but it's a similar (and awesome) message about family values. Jack Frost is one of my absolute favourites so it deserves a mention!

Films & Messages,

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