Thursday, 24 December 2015

Home For Christmas | Part Four

~ Part 1, 2 and 3 can be found HERE, HERE and HERE! ~

Delilah has to gulp to stop herself from giggling like the more-than-in-love twelve year old Delilah in her wants to. It's the evening before Christmas Day and she is snuggled up to her best friend as she watches beautiful snow fall from the sky. If she could stay like this for ever, she would. Just as she thinks this George pulls away and Delilah tries to hide her disappointment, her heart's secret.

George's eyes look at her, really look at her and Delilah feels exposed. In love. Under inspection. In the best possible way.

Their eyes catch and he closes them briefly before taking a breath, "I'm so utterly enchanted by you Delilah Rose."

Suddenly Delilah's heart feels lighter, as if her secret has been released. As George looks at her as if she is more than Delilah Rose, but maybe his Delilah Rose, she realises her heart isn't free yet. She realises hope drains from George's beautiful eyes and he looks down and takes a breath as if to say something, but she brings her finger to his chin and lifts his face to her, like he's lifted her every day of her life since they met.

Delilah and George; best friends. Best friends with a question woven in between was always directed at them both from people who knew them. Although George didn't know, the girls would sigh, relieved when they found out, no, they really were just best friends. Delilah, however,  had no knowledge of making every boy fall hopelessly in love with her when she would joke with them and stick up for the underdogs. And she didn't even want their love and that's why George finally said the words he has ached to say for so long, tonight.

"Delilah and George," she repeats her thoughts and watches George smile, although confused. "I've always loved the sound of that."

Delilah's heart is pounding now and George's expression is softening into something that reflects her heart. "George, I love you. Like really love you. Properly, like in the movies but better. And I have done for far too long."

Tears are dancing down George's cheeks now and Delilah knows that she only wants to ever make him cry like this. In the good kind of way. George shakes his head. "I love you, Dee. I have done for ever and I will do for ever."

Delilah brings her hand to George's face like she has done so many times before but with Christmas singing around them and secrets being told left, right and centre, she notes how it has never been like this before. Even if she has wanted it so ardently.

"I'm nervous," Delilah confesses.

"Me too." A gorgeous smile lifts one side of George's mouth up and he shakes his head again, his eyes looking upwards.

Like a scene from a Christmas movie, George's eyes ask Delilahs, "Now?" In response, hers close and George knows that he can't wait to see them again.

One thing first though.


That's my Christmas story completed! Although I haven't had the time to make it perfect, I'm proud of it all of the same!

I am posting twice today for Blogmas and so soon, a little Christmas Eve-esque post will be up on the blog!

Movies & Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. u know....i have been waiting for this part, like for four days....and here it is!this story of urs has been my bedtime story for this week!its so nice....and yeah...thank you for giving us this! :)

    1. This has made my day- my Christmas! Thank you so much! :)


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