Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Brother and a Sister

My family and I put up the Christmas tree and decorations tonight and it was the most wonderfully festive and family-orientated couple of hours. My brother and I worked mainly on the tree and my parents unpacked and kind of looked upon us. We had Christmas songs on and we drank warm drinks and oh my goodness, it feels so lovely to be home. I already know tonight marks one of my favourite nights of the whole holiday.

I understand that I am very lucky to have a family around me that deserve only my respect and for this I am so grateful. I couldn't help but feel so warm and festive whilst doing festivities alongside my family. Moments like those make it so obvious that, to me, family will always be so important in my Christmas (and my life in general!). We have a few awesome Christmas activities lined up for the next couple of weeks and I can't wait to spend my time at home with them- because when you're as lucky as I am, it's lame not to appreciate how (kinda) cool my family are.

So, the tree is up, glistening prettily in front of me while I write of Christmas and just how lucky I am to experience such warm Christmases. I am at home for a few weeks, and while Christmas songs tinkle in the background, it must be grinned at that the countdown truly is well underway, isn't it?


A brother and a sister grin with their lips and their eyes as they stand at the top of the stairs, hurrying their parents, with stockings hanging from the hands. With bright eyes, the sister dares to say, "Can we go down now?"

As their parents' lazy eyes focus on their children, they laugh, "Yes."

Slowly, they walk step by step until they can peek into the dark living room, where multi-coloured lights dance slowly, waiting for their arrival. Although presents are dotted underneath, the children feel mesmerised by the air around the Christmas tree. That Christmas Day song that sings around the family it surely have it all. Warmth, smiles and a family? That's a lot to be thankful for on one set of stairs.

"Go on then! Go down!" their mother encourages them.

With one last look at each other, the brother and sister enter a Christmas Day that won't ever be forgotten.


Baubles & Tinsel,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Blogmas!

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  1. i am kid of an atheist but the thought of Christmas lights me up....maybe its because of the lights and the sheen its got...


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