Monday, 28 December 2015

A Little Blog of Stories | 2015

To round up 2015, I want to talk about some of the short stories I have posted on the blog this year. One of my favourite aspects of blogging is putting time into writing stories and letting them free onto The Girl in the Moonlight. I've always adored writing little stories and I'm proud of the 22 (two of which are two stories related to each other, and four of which are the four parts to my Christmas series, Home For Christmas) I've posted this year. Last year I spoke about every one I posted in 2014 (HERE and HERE), however this year I want to pick out my favourites and re-visit those, remind myself of them and just tell the blog that I'm proud of these ones.

This Girl and Boy is about a girl and boy who are in love just like in the movies. It's one of my favourites because I like the ominous perspective it's from- I think it makes it more romantic. Not to blow my own horn but I like how delicate this story is; it's as if the style reflects how they treat each other's hearts.

I like The High Street because I like the two main characters: Louisa and Kian. They are best friends and support each other endlessly. I also like it because the story talks quite a bit about running (and the blog knows I love my running!). I like how there are two confident characters but that they both are vulnerable to each other- even if they both don't know the other's feelings.

Just One More Moment is close to my heart because its short length makes the story all the more sweeter for me. It's about Eddie, his late wife and a sunset. I see Eddie finding strength and solace and tranquillity in the sunset; because, to him, the sunset is his wife. The colours show him everything he loved and loves about her.

When I wrote The Lucky Charm I tweeted that this is one of my favourite stories I've ever written, and it still is. It's about George and how his life turned out just how he dreamed because of a coin he found on the floor as a teenager. Not only that, but I think it's about what a good, good person he is and how he deserves and earned all the goodness in his life because of who he is.

This little story is about a girl and a boy on their anniversary, soaking in every moment of each other's company. It's a story made from the hopeless romantic in me and about two people who believe they match each other and blend like the prettiness of the sunset in front of them.

Here Goes Nothing is a favourite because it's about trying to make dreams come true and also trying when you've spent so long trying to forget about them. It's about a woman who wants to write and it's about jumping in head first- a quality, that in the right circumstances, is one of my favourite qualities.

So there we have it- a post to mark the end of my 2015 stories on the blog! It's good to remember to compliment yourself about things you work hard at and I have to say, I'm proud of these little stories.

Some Stories & A Smile,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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