Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve

With her hair haphazardly sticking out of a Santa's hat and her nails freshly painted in silver (so freshly painted that with her list of jobs to do, she will smudge them before they are dry), she opens the door to her best friend who is grinning at her, before he frowns at her suddenly miserable expression. He looks down to her fingernails and as sure as the sky is grey, the first ruined nail is seen. "If you came to the door moments later," she complains. "Festivities wouldn't have to be paused." As soon as she scrunches up her face at him they fall about laughing. Because the laughter home brings is everything she has been waiting for.

Festivities definitely are not paused. With all of her favourite Christmas songs playing in the background, she and her best friend accompany her brother and play on the Play Station. After her best friend leaves, she feels momentarily glum before she and her brother grin at each other and they eat their final advent calendar chocolate. The clock tells them it is three o'clock and they leave their house for a few hours to soak in the jolliness before they return home and indulge in warmth and laughter and she pauses a moment.

It's Christmas Eve; she's home; it's everything she could dream of.

And more.


It's Christmas Eve and I'm sat in bed ready for an incredible day before The Day is upon us. I'm so happy to be home and I'm soaking in every moment with my friends and family. I'm always super busy at home and I adore it. I've got to ground myself a little after Christmas Day because of university work but I've had the most magical couple of weeks and that will continue even after Christmas Day.

To finish off this post I must mention Blogmas which you can read more about it HERE! Blogmas has been my best friend over these festive December weeks. It really has been awesome and I'm delighted to have completed it... I did it! I blogged every day up until Christmas (and twice today??!). I've absolutely adored it and it's set me up good and proper for Christmas. However, it must be said that I'll be blogging every day after Christmas until the New Year too to round up The Girl in the Moonlight 2015, but I'm so fond of my Blogmas 2015 journey so, you know... go me!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it's a magical day for you all!

A Story & A Life,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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