Monday, 21 December 2015

The Sun in Her Eyes - Paige Toon

Paige Toon books are always a highlight. Just a general highlight. And The Sun in Her Eyes had me as absorbed with her writing as ever.

The Sun in Her Eyes follows the life of Amber Church, an Australian woman living in London, who, under upsetting circumstances returns to Australia for most of the novel. With her husband still in London as they're marriage seems a little sour, she returns to her dad and her groups of friends who she dearly loves- oh and her childhood love, Ethan.

This novel played with my emotions massively. It taught Amber a massive lesson and, hey, it taught us too. I'm not going to touch upon too much of the storyline in fear of spoiling anything, but she faces a lot of confusion and heartache and we feel for her massively. Through her rose-tinted glasses, Amber becomes very confused. As much as I wanted her to think and talk things through a little more with herself, we sympathise with what she learns.

The Sun in Her Eyes provides a lot of information and sadness in its involvement with strokes. It is heartbreaking to read about. Like too many things, strokes are devastating and we see the potential effects of them. With this aspect in mind, The Sun in Her Eyes opened my eyes to a lot of the ins and outs of the process and I really adored her father who always wanted the best for his daughter.

Amber is a strong woman whose caring ways are admirable. She is a little feisty and we love her for it. I was absorbed by The Sun in Her Eyes in a different way to other Paige Toon novels. I found myself being very invested in Amber finding out about her past: I ached for her to stop blaming herself for things out of her control, and I ached for her to find out all about an accident that happened when she was younger which changed her life.

The Sun in Her Eyes has a tough lesson to be learnt and reading about it made me very on edge and invested in Amber's life.

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The Girl in the Moonlight.

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