Friday, 11 December 2015

Knowing Your Limits

So it's the eleventh day of Blogmas and it's almost eleven o'clock in the evening (at the time of writing) and I haven't yet written a post that needs to be posted in the next hour and a bit to make it eligible for this festive challenge I am a part of. It never crossed my mind to not actually write the post but I just had the fleeting thought of the fact that I don't have to post because I'm so, so tired and I could do with going to sleep. This then got me to thinking about knowing your limits. Of course, writing this post is going against this idea, however I know I have the time in the morning to make up my sleep and these thoughts have inspired my fingers to type out a post.

On the blog I have occasionally been awful at sticking to a schedule I always naively set myself. Although maybe 30% of the time that I suck at sticking to one is down to rubbish time-keeping, the rest of the time I suck is because of other commitments like university work. I give myself a hard time for making my blog a lonely place, when really I am trying to understand my limits. I have to prioritise my university work and I have to make sure I'm getting enough rest and eating well and all that kind of stuff. I still need to work on this because I'll try and write or I'll spend too much time having a word with myself, but I have recently made a little promise to myself that it is a good thing to know when to say no.

I've never been one to give into peer pressure, although I haven't always been perfect with it. So the first part to this is knowing your limits. It's things such as if you know it's wrong, don't do it or if you know you can't do it, don't do it. However, it's also making sure you don't give yourself a hard time afterwards. A few years ago I would say no to going to certain things, despite anyone repeatedly asking, and I would feel a bit rubbish afterwards. That sucks. I shouldn't have felt rubbish. When I did feel rubbish I don't think that this feeling often lasted too long, but when it did I'd start to question myself and in this way, we must learn to be less hard on ourselves- we've exercised that we know our limits and we should exercise that we know we are doing a good thing.

We are always taught, by society, that we must know our limits with alcohol and our levels of tiredness when it comes to sleeping and other such things. Don't take drinking too far and don't drive when your body can't hack it. They are such important values and we need to take these values into other aspects of our lives. If we are working ourselves into being a very stressed and tired human, do everything you can to rest and find away to cope (in legal ways because that's the only way!!!!). We need to say no when we've been a bit silly and booked too much in. We need to realise all of these things all of the time. We need to know our limits and we need to find a way to live a life that's happier than that stressed person we've become.

I am tired writing this post so excuse anything awful expressions I've produced, but I know my limits (wahey) and I'm going to sleep!

Happy Blogmas!

Disney & Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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