Saturday, 31 October 2015

Those Who Try

About a year ago my mum and I tried to make some themed cupcakes. By using an icing pipe tool, we wanted to "draw" animal faces onto another layer of icing. We... um... We failed. I think both of us knew (or at least strongly suspected) that we would fail as soon as we became invested in the idea of making these supposed-to-be-adorable cupcakes (in our heads they really would look like what we saw on the photograph in the cookbook.)

And when we realised after many attempts that that day wasn't the day for an exploration into our genuine artistic selves... We laughed. A lot.

Like a lot of people, my mum and I suck at a few things. When it comes to the intricacies of decorating cakes in a particularly precise way, we can hold our hands up and say, "That's when we suck!" However, we knew before we started making the cakes that we would enjoy the process of working out once again that we do suck. We made a funny and happy memory we still laugh about today. And we wanted to try. We wanted to give it ago, because, you know... What if they actually did turn out to be awesome?! Why we would let a chance to prove we can do it go by?

I like knowing that I have it in me to try, even if I maybe kind of suck at something or suppose beforehand that something isn't my thing. Naturally I can't look at every challenge like this, but one day I'll be able to look at way more scary challenges than I can today, and today I can face challenges that a few years ago were more than just alien to me.

We're brought up to try our best, aren't we? I do like this. I like it a lot. Although I definitely suck now, when I was younger, I liked to draw. I had somewhat of a quirky talent in it, but I was no soon-to-be art student. Looking back at it I could draw in a bit of an adorable, different way. I knew I wasn't awesome, but I loved it and I would try hard every time I got my paper and pencils out. The important thing is, is to remember we don't have to be good at something. We just have to have it in us to try- predominantly to have fun or experience something different.

What I know for sure is that one day, my mum and I will make a batch of cupcakes (and the cupcakes are always scrummy!) and ice them as if we are Van Gogh.

Those who try get to see the glory of succeeding. Those who don't will always wonder if success was the final product.

This post marks the end of a month of a blogger trying a little harder. I have been taking part in Blogtober this month (which you can read about HERE and read my latest post HERE) and it has been awesome. I have really adored a month of posting every day (Yeah yeah, there has been one exception but I made up for it!) and challenging myself to being creative every day. I am proud of this and I am particularly proud of having so many posts in a busy blogging month that I am happy with!

Cupcakes & Drawing,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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