Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The New Sun | Part 1

Lily Peters holds her hand out and finds the handrail from memory. She has practiced this walk every day for the past two weeks. She has practiced it in similar clothing and similar high heels. She couldn't wear the actual ones for the day now could she, because she wouldn't want to ruin them, would she? Hell yes she would!

So the day has arrived. Dressed in a blood red dress that slides almost through her body- making friends with the edge of her skin rather than the dress being the main attraction. The newspapers the next day would explain how she didn't need anything added to her body; that would take everyone's eyes off what that body stood for. And that was exactly what the last two weeks aimed for. An image, created by The New Government, to distract the world from the tragedy of Ella-Grey Masters. Lily's make up is subtle- she would need an innocent layer added to sit well with her provocative outfit- while eyes would stare, ears would trust her voice. Diamonds smile from her ears and her hair's curls lay messily on her chest.

Ella was Lily's best friend. And today, in The New Government's England, Lily is to express their absolute innocence in killing her best friend. 

Brilliant. Lily almost laughs but Eddie's warning eyes force her lips back into the innocent and trusting smile she has perfected for the last fourteen days. The New Government will regret forcing Lily to dance under their song for the last couple of weeks; more so they will regret killing Lily's best friend, Harriet Masters' and Oscar Masters' daughter, Jez's sister and the New Sun's mascot.

"Very good, Lily P," Serendipity's lips curl into an approving nod.

"Remember, kid. Don't trip." Lily almost spits on Mr. Holding's shoes. Instead she takes his encouraging smile as ammunition.

"Lily, head up!" One final reminder from Matthew. Lily briefly takes a look at him and his angry expression turns into a soft smile- as if it was her first day at school and he is her loving father. Yeah, okay.
What the smiling idiots don't know and Lily Peter most certainly does is this: It's approximately twenty minutes until the New Sun. At least the beginning of the battle to getting the new sun; the moral and happy light. And Lily Peters isn't going to lose this battle for anybody. 


I thought Blogtober (which you can read about HERE!) would be an awesome opportunity to kick off a series of stories called The New Sun which I have created. I have been reading a lot of dystopian novels recently and so I wanted to have a crack at creating my own dysopian story!

Blogtober is proving to be very awesome- HERE is yesterday's post!

Dystopian Worlds & Real Life Lessons,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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