Tuesday, 27 October 2015

His Heart

His heart aches at the crystals dancing sadly down her cheeks. His heart breaks at the shake of her head when he says that it's okay; she doesn't need to worry anymore. His heart shouts quietly that she isn't the person she thinks she is; she is everything good and honest and lovely. His heart knows she is everything he could ever want because she is everything that makes his dreams good.

One month earlier

His heart is the most beautiful, precious and gentle heart she has ever come across. She knows she wants to have it paired with her own for ever. She never knew she would feel like that, and she never knew she wanted to.


His heart isn't broken but hers is. She can't see past the mirror she chooses to see and as much as she wants to believe the words he says, and as much as she may believe them sometimes, it doesn't stop the rain that pours in the dark. As much as her heart sings with joy at the memory of his smile, her heart aches at the thought of a long ago yesterday.

The future he sees

He sees countries and photographs; he sees Saturdays with films and Mondays with a happy smile because she is his. He sees everything good and he sees it through her eyes. The future burns in his heart; he knows he won't let the future not be real. It won't be a dream. The future he sees is filled with not just his favourite colours, but hers too.

His heart. And her heart.


A less about giving ourselves a break. We're not always as awful as we make ourselves believe.

His & Her Heart,

The Girl in the Moonlight

P.S. HERE is my last post for Blogtober (which you can read about HERE).

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