Friday, 23 October 2015

Life Lately | Autumn Edition

As today I was supposed to post a book review (like yesterday!), but my phone is still broken so I haven't been able to take a picture of the book, I am going to have one more fill-in-until-I-have-a-photo post. That day will be tomorrow; I'm certain of it.

This leads nicely into my first Life Lately topic... Blogtober! So, as The Girl in the Moonlight is very much aware, I am taking part in Blogtober (which you can read about HERE). It has been nothing but awesome, but has come with a couple of challenges. My issue with the book review is one kind of out of my hands. My phone is broken and I can't control this all that much, and as much as my photos suck at the moment, I want my review to have a photo- at the end of the day, the review will be up so I can't be too hard on myself. With that has come a blogger rushing a post just before midnight on a Friday night (a challenge in itself) to have it posted in time. However this aspect can be kind of fun and I was planning to write a Life Lately post soon anyway!

Moving on from blogger life, I shall talk about university life. So I have been back at university for a month now, and I'm delighted to say I am much more settled than last year. I found it all a bit "homesick-y" last year, and I was quite focussed on my homesickness as a result- it consumed me a little. I went into this year, really wanting to battle it, and I feel so much happier. I've made myself busier so I can't dwell on homesickness, but I've enjoyed my "me time" as much as I do at home. I've had a much more positive attitude, and faced any homesickness I've felt (which I have!) with the hope and determination to feel better. (Not that it can be that easy all the time!)

Autumn, I have come to realise, inspires me a lot. My blog is in a much healthier state since the temptation to snuggle up with my laptop has become increasingly more desirable. I feel like I have more creativity in my brain, and although I hope this continues and can re-emerge when necessary, past autumn, I am thankful for orange leaves and warm drinks and the chillier atmosphere. This has brought with it a sense of achievement and believing in my hobby. Recently, in a lecture, a lecturer said, "To those of you that want to go into writing," and this made my heart leap. I have been so inspired with my want to become a writer recently and oh my goodness, it is all I want. Autumn, you're awesome.

Warm Drinks & Chillier Walks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. You can read yesterday's Blogtober post HERE!

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