Monday, 19 October 2015


Mulan is one of my favourite Disney films and films in general. It is one I always go back to- as I did a week or so ago. Naturally, Reflection, has always been a song I have adored. It is the moment when Mulan realises she doesn't fit into what her family and society want her to be. She knows she wants to be herself - for her reflection to match what is inside - and for her family to be proud of this daughter; this girl. She is struggling with pretending to be someone she just isn't. I think this song resonates with a lot of people- male and female.

As I've grown up I've learnt how this song needs to be listened to- the lesson needs to be learnt. I've understood it more and more as I've grown older and I know for a fact people who are very much adults need to listen to it too. We go through our school years working out who we are; what our interests are; who we want to be and who we don't want to be; what we're good at and what we're not; what we want to become good at and what we want to stay away from. It can be a stressful experience and this needs to change. Some of these things we learn and they stick with us, some of them change- for the better and sometimes the worse too. This is why we still need to listen to the classic "be who you are!" message, even when we are legally an adult! From experience with other adults and I suppose myself (now I technically am one), I know this to be a fact.

Mulan sings about freeing herself "from their expectations." I have never felt limited by my parents' expectations in a negative way, however there are expectations weighing us down everywhere, and this is most certainly something we need to free ourselves from. Peer pressure is a big one at school and if you don't succumb to it and stay true to yourself, it doesn't mean you feel all that good (as much as you should!). Sometimes it left me feeling lonely. This whole experience taught me that I am strong enough to be who I want to be and left me in a very happy place.

I want my reflection to always match who I am inside. I don't want to look at myself (whether that be by considering how I've acted in a situation or in any other way) and think I'm not representing myself as my inside is aching for me to do so. This doesn't mean I can't trip up or make mistakes, just that I want my reflection to be as honest as I aspire to be- as I hope my "inside me" is.

We all have down days and I think in my life, these days are when I need this song and this lesson the most. Even those it's a sad part of the film and Mulan is still confused and sad, it is definitely a landmark in her knowing who she is and who she wants to be; as long as we recognise who we want to be (although maybe it's not necessary), we can do it!

An Honest Reflection & Happiness,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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  1. I love that song so much, but the older I get the more I realize that it takes a lot of courage to be who you are in a world that is so set on judgement. Those who can really be who they are live such happy lives and I can only hope that I can truly be who I am all the time.

    <3 Building The Confidence || Review: Username Evie

    1. Yes, I definitely agree! Judgement sucks so much!


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