Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Big, Little Things

Today, I should be posting a Booktober review of the book, Just One Day by Gayle Forman. However, my phone is currently broken and I hadn't yet taken a picture for the post. Not that the picture will be worth waiting for (I still need to work out what is wrong with my pictures!), I have decided to postpone the review until tomorrow because I still have a few pages left anyway, and not enough time to read them today! (This has turned out to be a busy month!) However, as I was supposed to be writing about Just One Day, I thought I would write a post about an idea the book portrays and has, in turn, inspired my thoughts.

The little things that happen. Sometimes they're insignificant, they change everything.

I like this quote a lot. Willem (the main guy in the novel) says this. It goes alongside his idea that if you don't put yourself on a certain path, you miss opportunities. I have written a post before about how everything can change your path and as much as I worry I'm not taking the right path, I just need to take life as it comes. I believe this still, but I also like Willem's point. Alongside my view, I also want to always be trying to find the right route so I don't miss out. So I can experience the little things- whether they're insignificant, or whether they are seriously big.

It has got me thinking about a bunch of little things that have happened to me- the big, little things. This includes when I chose to go out on a Friday evening with some friends and I met someone- that's pretty little, right? He's now my absolute best friend and go-to person. That's pretty big. Or when I went to the doctor's recently (a small thing that most people experience) and I learnt a big, big lesson. I got it wrong, and I learnt a lesson I am, nevertheless, grateful for.

It's the big, little things that make me believe in fate. I don't know a fancy definition of fate or exactly how people "live" with fate in mind (Can you really live with fate in mind when fate itself relies on something unknown?), but my view is that fate is kind of like chance. It's happy and magical version of chance. My best friend and I happened to be going out on the same night and fate brought us together! I like that. Big, little things an just fall into place.

Big & Little Things,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day for Blogtober which you can read about HERE; HERE is yesterday's post!

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