Thursday, 1 October 2015

Here Goes Nothing

Trisha opens the oven, feeling excited to do so. With her new oven gloves in hand, she pulls out a baking tray which reveals twelve burnt fairy cakes. "No!" she almost shouts. "No, no, no," she utters impatiently, sliding the tray on the top of the oven, shutting the oven door before turning it off. "No!"

Trisha doesn't recall how long it took for her to stop saying no, as she miserably sits at the kitchen counter and drops a more-than-crispy and definitely-not-fluffy fairy cake into her mouth. She tries to remember what went wrong. Eventually she realises the cakes were in for fifteen minutes too long and she feels as though this is why her best friend Lana is the baker- not her.

If Aimee, her teenage daughter had a similar situation, Trisha would say, "We can all do these things- we just need to try!" However, Trisha's normally positive attitude seems to be gone for the afternoon.

Aimlessly Trisha flicks through a magazine she has no interest in, writes a list she knows she won't complete that day and thinks about what she should cook for dinner that night. While her thoughts are no longer on dinner - she isn't even sure what they are on - Aimee arrives home, flinging her bag on the counter and her coat on the sofa. "Hey mum!" that excited Friday tone has arrived.

"Hello sweetie. How was your day?"

"Good thanks! How has your day off been?"

Trisha laughs and Aimee looks at her confused before turning back to her phone. Knowing Aimee will be playing about on that for a while, Trisha decides she will have a moment of productivity and puts new bedding on the bed. As she buttons up the quilt cover, she giggles at the memory of her husband trying to teach her how to slide a quilt cover onto the quilt. At 21 years old she just didn't know how. Suddenly realising she could now do it with her eyes shut and a Sudoku in her other hand, Trisha perches on the end of her bed.

She's an accountant with clients that mostly have too much money for their own good and co-workers who are simply turning up Monday to Friday for the pay at the end of the month. Her love for her job disappeared a few years ago and she tries to avoid thinking about it too much. Before she stepped into her first accounting interview, she was excited. She knew it wasn't what she wanted to do for another twenty years (Ha! Well that's life, Trisha, ay!? she thinks), but she knew she could be excited for it until she persued a career in her true passion: writing.

Suddenly inspired, Trisha reaches for her bedside cabinet, pulling out a newspaper clipping she cut out with a giggle and a prediction that she wouldn't do anything with it a couple of weeks ago:


As Aimee's friend comes round and they evacuate to her daughter's room, Trisha places a notepad in front of her, next to her favourite pen. Here goes nothing.


I think it's time I start taking chances with my writing, like Trisha! How, I'm not completely sure of yet, but a couple of ideas spring to mind.

Fairy Cakes & Opportunities,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am posting every day in October and you can read about that HERE!

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