Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brutal Honesty/Why We Should Choose Kindness

Recently I watched a video by Carrie Hope Fletcher (which you can see HERE) where she expands her and Tessa's (a Youtuber who also made a video, HERE) good thoughts about brutal honesty. It got me, in turn, thinking about how I will always live by the kind premise that approaching situations where honesty needs to be released upon the world should require kind and caring phrasing and attitudes.

My opinion is this:

Who gives any one human the right to dictate their views horribly to one or more people? No one person knows everything and no one person has had every experience and every life lesson. In fact, every one person will have one life lesson taught differently to any other person. Naturally this will mean a bunch of people in the world have awful ideas and thoughts and views, meanwhile others have ones that are acceptable albeit different to others, while others have slight differences- and then all of the other possibilities too! What I am trying to say is this: With all of the different situations and lives in the world, we must always handle honesty with only kindness. And never brutality.

There is the odd and wrong (sometimes the whole "There are two sides to an argument; you must respect both" thing will always be right, however sometimes it is definitely not) at the moment where body shaming is absolutely acceptable; the methods which are involved in this including humour and "brutal honesty" (I have written a post about it HERE). I hate it. Carrie, in the video, says how some people may use brutal honesty just to be mean. I think so too! This brutal honesty thing... It can seem like a form of bullying. I think it sometimes is. And this truly sucks.

A lot of the time brutal honesty will lead to a less than motivated mind to change something (sometimes "brutal honesty" is based on no fact at all) and more of a sad and upset mind. For this reason, kindness has to be the way. It is so important to encourage people to make a change if they need to, and it is so important to make sure we do this by being kind and constructive. This leads to the whole constructive criticism thing. "Criticism" can seem negative, however if it is delivered in a kind way, it doesn't need to be- we don't even have to mention the word! 

Both Tessa and Carrie Hope Fletcher say... Why not choose kindness?

Why not choose kindness?

Care & Thought,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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