Saturday, 17 October 2015

Feminism from my Perspective

Recently I have seen people fighting feminism. Fighting against it, and not for it. I don't know many people with a "wrong" version of feminism- but, sure, that does exist! Men-hating is lame; thinking it's not about gender equality is lame. However, I just want everyone to be a feminist so badly. Because I believe I am doing feminism right. Feminism, in the way I live and love it, is awesome. For this reason, I want all of my family, everyone I know and everyone in the world to just be one. Be one for the sake of all humans.

To me, and most people, feminism means gender equality. It means the want for everyone in the world to have equal rights and equal opportunities. Yes, that means a lot more work for the sake of women than it does men- but oh my goodness I support men as much as I do women and so it means a lot of work for them too! It is not synonymous with men hating and it is not a movement just for women. I personally want feminism to move forward with focus on pushing forward with women's rights and other related things, whilst equally moving forward with men-related problems.

And, of course there are an uncountable amount of problems that need to be improved when it comes to men's lives. We have male victims of rape- and the fact so many of these victims feel like they can't step forward or feel as though they have lost some aspect of "masculinity" because of what happened. (No, no, no! This whole thing has to change.) We have young boys thinking they have to act a certain way to be accepted by their peers. Not only should we tackle the fact that no boy should think this, we need to stop the general acting towards people that don't fit into this unfortunate expectation of what it takes to be a "boy" or even a "man" that society has created. Boys and men need to know they can be sensitive and kind and it should never affect either their "masculinity" or even what their sexuality is (it simply isn't relevant). Boys and men need to know they can have a plethora of career choices that many won't go into in fear of what it would mean for their "masculinity." We need to help the male abuse victims; the men that deserve to see their child when a divorce is involved. This list is, naturally, not exhaustive. We need to re-define masculinity. Think of your brother or your dad; your male cousin or your male best friend. Think of all of the deserved boys and men in the world. Think of what they deserve.

And then there's women's rights. They are not more important, but more does need to be done in the grand scheme of things. Not only is there disgusting misogyny, the existence of sexual, domestic and general abuse to women, there's the many girls over the world who don't have a right to education (let's not forget the boys too!), but there is also, like male "expectations", female "expectations." There is the fact the girls grow up being expected to be the minority in science-related jobs. There is the expectation of the woman to stay at home when they have a child- there is the expectation that women just should be mothers, and that, if a woman is struggling when it comes to motherhood, they are weak. Oh my goodness, women need the world's help- just like the men! There is all of this and upsettingly more to consider when you ask yourself, am I a feminist?

I won't cover everything there is to cover in this post, but the bottom line is that we need to support everyone's rights in this world. Everyone's lives. There is way too much fear of the word "feminist." If you consider feminism to be the movement of helping women and men, is it really that scary?

Feminism & Improving the World,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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