Friday, 2 October 2015

Aim: To Blog Better and Better

In all aspects of life I always want to be getting "better and better"; that definitely includes my blog. My blog is in the category, "The things I'm most proud of", but that doesn't mean I can't keep learning and making my blog better and better- I will always be learning and I want to, alongside this, make every month that goes on better than the last (even if that doesn't happen, I, more than ever have the aim to achieve this goal). So, today, I'm going write a list of things I want to improve on and I will keep referring back to it, and also keep writing posts with this same premise, although I will write them simply when I feel like it!

1. My most important aim is to take better pictures. This firstly needs to start by me working out what has gone wrong recently. Although my pictures were never anything special, they were clear! Recently they've been awful and fuzzy and they don't adjust well onto my blog even though they looked all right before and I'm not sure why. Once I've sorted this problem I will work on being more creative and also taking out the past awful photos and creating better ones.

2. I want to change a few things about how I will now write book reviews. I'm not being dishonest with what I'm about to say - I don't mean to do it - but I don't think I've ever written anything I've not enjoyed about a book or something I would have changed etc. Sidenote: These pointers within book reviews should always be handled respectfully, escpecially when it is likely there has been so much hard work put into the book that I would never want to belittle an author's awesome efforts. I do read awesome books and I've never had anything in mind to write about a point I didn't like so much so that is the honest reason why I don't write negative things, however I am going to make sure I have a bit more of an awareness of this and try really hard to change this because after all, it is a book review. I often get so swept up in how much I adore a story, I approach reviews with rose-tinted glasses (and deservedly so!). Of course if I genuinely love a book that much (which I do in all of the past book reviews this applies to), I will write without this in mind. To start this I am going to simply rate my books from now on and see what happens. Maybe with a 5/5 or 10/10 or a star system, but I will start my more "reviewy" reviews like this!

3. Once Blogtober is over, I want to have a blogging schedule again. I assume I will go back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday one when I feel like I can commit to a schedule again, but either way I want to have something I will stick to (with only really necessary exceptions). I will not write down when this schedule will start (I have made that mistake too many times) but hopefully I will just fall into it! Last month I didn't have particular days I would blog on, just the concept that I would post three times a week- which I did! Hopefully I can make a more solid plan as much as I enjoyed this relaxed way of doing this- because, for me, it could eventually mean I'm leaving it all to the last minute.

4. This aim is a bit of a continued one from number three. I have to start making realistic aims. A lot of the times I do think blogging aims I make are doable- sometimes I know it's going to go belly up. It's not a bad thing- I have every want to succeed but it's a lot of pressure to make aims I won't complete, especially when I know this is the case.

5. I want to start reviewing books I read ages ago again. I started a series called "An Old Book" a long time ago so I have every reason to re-visit stories I read ages ago, and the thought of this excites me. I am especially excited because as my blog knows very well, I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and I read most of his books before I started this blog and so I should definitely review my all-time favourite books!

What are your blogging aims? My really relevant and current aim is that I am taking part in Blogtober (which you can read about HERE). I am adoring it so far (even if it is only day two, I have so much enthusiasm for it!) and you can read yesterday's Blogtober post HERE!

A Prince & A Princess,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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