Monday, 3 August 2015

A Promise for August

So... July wasn't as fab for my blog as I had hoped and genuinely anticipated. Summer just overwhelms me with excitement and my poor blog is too often left lonely. However, I refuse to apologise to myself about this as I never made a particularly solid promise about blogging this summer. With that said, I am frustrated I didn't post an "A Slice of Anonymous" post at the end of last month (I post these on the last Sunday every month... supposedly).

No fear, though! This silly, disorganised blogger is back with a promise to myself!

I am still not going to hold myself to any blogging schedule yet, only this promise for August... This August I will post 26 times (not including this post). Simply because it'll make up for some of the posts I have missed this year and maybe I can completely make up for this in the future. How I will do it, I do not know. I may post every day one week and then three in one day and then not for a day or so... Who knows?! August shall!

As a side-note, I have been making time for reading this summer (last year sucked a little in this way) and it's been awesome; I've been reading such brilliant books and I can't wait to post reviews for them. Reading lots is another promise for August. As is continuing the absolutely amazing time I am having. Summer will always be the best thing for me; being surrounded by my favourite people and favourite things to do, it's hard for me to ignore it.

A Promise & A Notebook,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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