Thursday, 13 August 2015

Aim: To Always Live and Learn Ardently

I have no idea if this concept has a verb already, but I believe it should: to always live and learn ardently. 

I want to live a life with passion for what I love doing; with passion for the people I love in my life; with passion to change the world for the better in any way that I can; with passion for so much- some things I won't even know yet. As well as this, I want to live a lift where I always want to learn; to further myself in my particular study or field or whatever project I may be involved in; I want to learn about the world and about things I didn't even know of; I want to be interested and inspired.

To be frank, I don't know how to expand on this any further. It is as simple as it sounds but it also isn't; it involves more than I can write- the post would be too long, and I just don't know all of it yet- I may never! I want a verb to encompass all of the good things I want to aspire to always be; all of those awesomely gentle and inspiring qualities. I want to embrace my flaws, knowing we can never be perfect! I want them not to interfere with this life I love! I want to make sure I am never ignorant to the world; I want to read books on topics I didn't know I was interested in. I want to learn about history and space and cultures.

This is a teeny tiny post that has a lot of hope in. And it isn't a concept that I will apply to my life "tomorrow"; you know that future we always talk about. I have been living with this concept in mind for the last year and a bit (and I hope before without realising). I just want to live and learn and love it all.

Now & The Future,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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