Monday, 3 August 2015

Being Understanding

Surely. Surely, if everyone treats everyone else as though there is something rubbish going on in everyone else's lives (although they hopefully don't) all the time, we would have a much more understanding, smiley and gorgeous world. Surely.

I want to live with this in mind for the rest of my life. If I approach everyone I come across with the thought that any other aspect of their life which doesn't have me in it (whether I am involved in their life in the teeny tiniest of ways or the biggest way) is sucky, I will treat them (although let's assume I am kind and all of those good things normally... I hope so anyway!) with complete tolerance (assuming all of these people are the good people we want to come across in life), understanding and any other good adjective. At the end of the day, if they go off to the other parts of their day and are greeted with sucky situations and people, a least I have been kind- and genuie! Don't forget sincerity!

I just don't understand why anyone would want to cause *further* misery to someone at all, let alone if they are having a sucky time anyway! The answer: don't asuume about people's lives.

Hopefully a lot of us would never be awful to people anyway BUT, a lot of us would never treat someone without all of those positive adjectives if we are aware of our "person's" sucky situation- so don't assume you don't know about it, therefore meaning you treat someone less than kindly and sincerely! Just. Don't. We'd feel awful if we knew, so we should save ourselves and the person we are talking to! Even if something has been said; if we've messed up, apologise! Be sincere! I so strive to be this kind of person, and we all should!

A final rant

You could be so close to someone - really close! - and for whatever reason you do not know of a specific rubbish situation they are going through, so don't regret anything. We absolutely need to understand that we are not the only people who deserve tolerance and kindness.

I have said before that I think one of the most important qualities is sincerity. Another is understanding. And to understand, you don't need to know!

An Afternoon Chat & No Regrets,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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