Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Two-Faced Internet

The internet is a very two-faced thing; its good attributes, I believe, are equal to it's awful attributes. There are millions of ways to donate money and help awesome causes but there have been way too many cases (one case would be too many!) where cyber bullying has lead to suicides. There have been many videos that have shown the world awesome things but there have been many videos uploaded with cruel, unjust and disgusting content. There are so many news stories where we can see good people doing good things; there are news stories where the world thinks it's acceptable to shame celebrities for the most ludicrous things- it is no website's right or no reader's right to judge this celebrity for wearing this thing that day.

I have embedded this awesome video above. It involves Monica Lewinsky talking about how the internet and social media has cast a dark spell on the world, despite its awesomeness. It is an incredibly inspiring speech. After facing dark days because of not only her "mistake", but the backlash from the public's knowledge and the internet, this video reinforces everything that is very true. It is an incredibly awesome watch, outlining the harsh dangers of the internet and the consequences that are tragic and heart-breaking.

Everyday the internet allows me to log onto my blog and see my work; it allows me to post and it allows me to read other peoples' awesome posts. Social media means I can share my (not abusive) thoughts and share my respectful opinion about topics. The internet means I can organise events and find out about my favourite band, McFly. The "but" when it comes to the internet, however, makes it all a lot more sour. A lot less awesome.

I can't think of one online community that is free from some darkness. Every day on YouTube people think it's perfectly fine to leave disgusting and disrespectful comments. Obviously, it is not perfectly fine. Every day on Facebook an opinion (whether it be respectfully put or disrespectfully put) leads to arguments that are far from respectful.  Every day, the internet releases news stories that put people - we must think of celebrities and public figures as PEOPLE as well - in awful, awful situations.

We must use the internet for good things- make sure you are! We must stay away from unsafe aspects of the internet; we must look out for others while staying safe ourselves. We must not attack or abuse or belittle others. The consequences of the dark places on the internet (that are always in front of us, and always hiding too) are horrifying.

This must change.

Time for Change & Time for a Bright Internet,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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