Monday, 3 August 2015

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman's books are so brilliantly mesmerising. She writes with such honesty and such raw emotion that she is now (although she was before I read I Was Here, for sure!) one of my absolute favourite authors. The books of hers that I have not read (I have read If I Stay and Where She Went) will be some of my next book purchases.

Cody and Meg were always the "joint at the hip" kind of best friends; inseparable. Just how they wanted to be. They knew each other the best they could. Except Cody definitely didn't see her best friend's suicide coming. And when it came, so did a bunch of unanswered questions, a lot of confusion, anger and sadness. In the attempt to find answers, Cody finds out just how brave (and sometimes dangerous) she can be.

We adore Cody for her courageousness, her humble ways and we support her when she is scared (although we fear for her sometimes when she will go too far to find out answers). Cody is a no-nonsense kind of girl; she's witty and has that kind of sass we love; but she undervalues herself. I love that in I Was Here Cody realises her worth; realises things she wants that she maybe hadn't realised before.

With death being such a taboo in our culture - suicide much the same - Gayle Forman approaches it all with such raw honesty, that it was just inevitable that I was going to admire this beautifully written novel. It weaves in a beautiful friendship with new discoveries and sour feelings; feelings Cody admits - as a narrator - she has. The book outlines some very dark places on the internet and we question alongside Cody. I learnt from this book; and that's my favourite thing a book can do.

Once again, Gayle Forman had me in tears in those last few pages. I Was Here is incredibly moving and honest- so honest I was grateful for those words that shocked me but opened my eyes. It has been added to my favourite books pile.

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The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. Sorry for the awful picture *sad face because I have no idea what has happened there.*

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