Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Real Life Fairytale

The sunset was dominated happily by lilac on their anniversary. A year today; and to celebrate, the sky smiled with pale oranges, slight blues and, of course, lilac. There were grey clouds but their soft composure and sincerity made the picture that bit closer to perfection.

Perfection. That's what they thought of their relationship; she didn't believe in fairytales just over a year ago. And he didn't know that he wanted to. Their hearts would always sink at just a couple of troubles they had faced just over a year ago, but despite this, it had to be a real life fairytale, right?

With the sparkles from the champagne dancing happily in their stomachs, he whispered those three words. While she let them soak in, she warned her eyes not to cry as she whispered them back. With the sunset as their movie to watch for a little while that evening, she thanked something - anything that was responsible! - for the young man before her. The young man that adored her everyday, always accepting her faults and finding her beautiful all the time. She had it good.

The night danced on; they giggled and reminisced and spoke of tomorrow.

Multicoloured drinks arrived and dinner was served. Bright yellows and bright oranges and bright blues. The giggling continued, as did the happy thoughts and eyes that rarely moved from one another's. The atmosphere shifted. Once again, she watched her fairytale life before her all over again. He removed one hand from hers in the center of the table and reached into his pocket. But she didn't notice that. She focused on the tears in his eyes that automatically made love tinkle from hers too.

She focused on his words because she didn't want to ever forget them. She didn't ever want to forget this. "I'm so happy you're in my life," he said. Simple and beautiful. "I'll love you for ever."

With that, a lilac box appeared in front of her and she leaned forward and planted a kiss on his cheek. She didn't need diamonds or shoes or clothes or any other kind of thing. She wanted this feeling for ever, and like she knew every day: She had it.


Lilac & Happy Teary Eyes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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