Thursday, 27 August 2015

We Own Our Time

Before I start this post, I want to stress this: This post isn't applicable to absolutely everyone. Some people's lives are so full with all sorts of things whilst they're doing so much good or they're struggling with things I can't imagine that what they need is rest and similar kinds of activities, but for the rest of us- I've learnt something.

The other day I found myself saying, "I don't have the time for that." Although I am busy a lot of the time, I shouldn't be denying myself from things I want to do. Because... really... I do have that time! For a lot of us, despite how much we may fill up our time with, we do have time for reading that book, or seeing our relatives. We do have time to do that charity work we so want to do and go on that walk we should go on. We do have the time to tidy up and cook a proper, healthy meal.

My brother and I once discussed that one particularly frustrating human fault is our imperatively important necessity to rest. My brother made a frustrated hand gesture and laughed, "Think about all of that time we're missing in our lives because we're sleeping... Sleeping!" Of course we need this silly old sleep thing but it should encourage us to make the most of our days- maybe not even sleep in too much because we can get this done or see this person or do something completely unexpected!

At certain times in the year - noticeably in the summer holidays or when education gets very busy - my blog can get very lonely and I always use the old "I HAVE NO TIME" excuse. That is exactly why I have been posting so much this month- I may be busy but it doesn't mean I can't complete my goals- even if that means I am bulk-posting within days. So, hopefully, when education gets too busy or I am overwhelmed by this and that in summer, I can make this time- whether that means getting up fifteen minutes earlier to crack on with a blog post or two until I am happy enough to post them.

This same "making more time because it's definitely there" principle applies to a lot of aspects of my life. And they don't mean I need to get up earlier- I just need to make the time; juggle things around in my day; I need to not sit down aimlessly with my phone for too long. However, there are many things I am missing out on because I lamely claim that I am lacking time.

I want to contribute to charities more- in whatever way I want to. I want to continue playing tennis when summer ends (before I just haven't). I want to go and get a bike and ride it. I want to see family I don't see often enough and make sure I am always making time for my close family. I want to write a book. So...

... We must just make the time! Or make the most of our time if we're not spending it well enough when we have all of these plans!

It's simple really!

Making & Loving my Time,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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