Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Life Lately | Summer Edition

My laptop is quite unhealthy at the moment. At this point in time that I am originally writing these words, I want to set up Blogger and post, however my laptop won't turn on. Instead of feeling frustrated, I am sat with my notebook and a pencil (pencils are so much fun) writing this very post. While I am sat writing this chatty post, I am watching a film and feeling very grateful for my laptop not working (although I hope it does soon so I can post this... only time will tell!) as I am enjoying the humble touch of pencil and paper; the simplicity of it all. This is what one considers a successful evening.

Still with many weeks of summer left, despite the weather, we have a very happy and summery blogger on our hands. I still have many books I want to read before summer ends, many adventures I want to take part in, may photographs to take and many pieces of writing to produce. Exciting!

While summer sings around me, I have been thinking about our passions in life; the things we are determined to change the world for the better because of. I hope we all share the same beliefs in the few different topics I'm about to bring up, but I just want to discuss a few different, beautiful passions people I know and I have. Because what a wonderful way it is to live, when we have passions to fight for. So, firstly I'll discuss a couple of issues I have always wanted my blog to portray. I am very passionate about equality in general; the two topics that have come up time and time again on my blog have been equal rights with gender and equal rights with sexuality. I so want the world to improve when it comes to these things. And then I have friends who are so vocal about animal rights; I also have friends who are politically motivated; I have a best friend who seeks to always be passionate about working hard. Passions are beautiful. As long as our motives are beautiful and kind and not hurting anyone (so morally sound), passions are some of the best things in the world.

A passion that is a hobby of mine is writing. It so happens to also be a passion that coincides with porraying my beliefs as well as the things I love and all sorts of other things. Something that is important with my writing at the moment is the challenge I have set myself this month: A Promise for August. I have set myself the challenge to post 26 times this month (not including the promise post) and I am enjoying it immensely. I knew I would end up bulk-posting on random days rather than spreading it out smartly across many days; I am happy about this though! It's within my rules after all! I am embracing this challenge and not feeling panicky at all. Yay!

Passions & Goals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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