Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Little Slice of Un-Anonymous #5

So here is The Girl in the Moonlight's fifth installment into making the blog that little bit more personal. What with being anonymous and all, sometimes it is hard to incorporate facts about me and such things into my blog. Today I want to talk about everyday experiences that were in my childhood- from about seven years old to about eleven. They were awesome times and I want to speak about these experiences that have made me myself and always make me smile.

My brother and I have always been close- people always point it out. It's not abnormal for us; we've just always got along. He's my big brother and he has influenced many interests of mine because we spent so much time together. For example, we spent a lot of time playing PlayStation- playing a lot of Star Wars games. These are good, good memories. Memories that aren't "in the past" yet, I'm glad to say. We still play! Another part of my childhood that is something I experienced with my brother is tennis. We played tennis and we both adored it. We tried very hard at it and were so interested in getting better and better. I'd say we both became "good sports" through this. I do believe that. A childhood experience that always makes me giggle is when we went shopping with my mum. Whether it was an everyday kind of trip to town or a day trip with the three of us, my brother and I would half-jokingly, half not jokingly complain when we stepped into a clothes shop my mum liked while she picked up items and tried them on. As much as we may have moaned, we loved our little rest time, sat on the little chairs. 

Other everyday experiences that shaped my childhood massively were playing with my friends outside. I always hear adults saying, "We never had those devices to entertain ourselves" and I am so glad that to an extent, nor did I. Of course, we had more technology but I still spent time outside with my friends. One memory that always makes me laugh is when Heelys first came out and my friend and I had a pair and just working out exactly what we were supposed to do was the funniest, happiest thing. I will never forget the never ending skipping and the races and the trips with each others' families. 

Lastly, I have to mention my junior school experience. I adored it. My friends and I always reflect upon it saying it was awesome- it must be related to the fact that I still have many friends that I had then, now! I loved learning, I loved sports with my friends and I loved all the quirky, different things about my school. The happy environment and the encouragement to always seek to better oneself has definitely shaped my life.

Have a happy Sunday!

Childhood Memories & Endless Smiles,

The Girl in the Moonlight. 

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