Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Year Ago

A year ago I was having the best summer I had had to date, meanwhile knowing exactly who I wanted to be, and how I would achieve that. I was full of inspiration but felt too busy to do anything with it- a silly way of thinking! I wasn't home enough, and although my family never made me feel bad about it, I did feel bad and it has meant I have made more time for home this summer. Not because I have to, because I want to. A year ago, I was the most fearless I've ever been. A year ago, I was laughing loudly every day and never wanting to be bored- I never feared being bored. I didn't dwell on what was to come because I just assumed it was all going to be brilliant. A year ago, I just felt brilliant. A year ago I forgot how it felt to feel lonely; I forgot how it felt to be sad. A year ago I was honest and I jumped into a new kind of happiness with everything I had. These jumps to happiness a year ago are jumps a future me is incredibly thankful for. I was giggly and silly and giddy and learnt from my mistakes to become a person I was proud of. A year ago I made some memories I regret; I made some memories that will make me smile for all of the years ahead of me. I tried new experiences and took trips to the seaside; I danced goofily and I enjoyed my best friends with everything I had in me. A year ago, I knew of a sadder time and I made a happier time for myself. I was proud of myself; I opened up. A year ago is a time that will always be one of my favourite ever chapters.

A year ago, I was in love with my life (as I am now!), but I was about to experience some heartbreak. Heartbreak I'm not grateful for; heartbreak I still feel; heartbreak that makes me feel that kind of frustrating where your chest aches because it could have been different; heartbreak that is worth it.

A Happy Year Ago & A Happy Now,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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