Saturday, 15 August 2015

"Yesterday's Junk is Today's Treasure"

Yesterday's junk is today's treasure. I heard someone say this not too long ago and it stuck with me. Some people probably wouldn't like the idea I am going to align with this phrase, but hearing it being said made me smile, because of this exact idea. I am someone who finds (not insignificant importance but) sometimes silly importance in objects that maybe others wouldn't. For example, once (one of the more silly examples) I kept a pretty tag from an item of clothing because it was sweet and my best friend bought it for me. I find sentiment in things that give me strong nostalgia and from then on I find it hard to throw it away; make it junk.

When I come to tidying my room, a good (well, bad maybe) portion of the piles of stuff that has gathered up will be stuff that a lot of people would never consider sentimental. Some of it, I come to my senses and throw away (sometimes I have to close my eyes whilst doing so). But some... I don't regret getting ever so overly nostalgic about. I then, of course, keep it!

And the reason why? Because for some reason my heart is attached to it.

A Checklist of Treasures

- A little note from my best friend that was stuck to my Christmas present once
- Some wrapping paper from my best friend's present he got me for my Birthday
- Many worn cinema tickets from my brother and I's cinema trips
- A Parma Violet wrapper from one of my favourite nights

I don't regret any of the choices I made to keep possessions like this. They bring warmth to my stomach and a smile to my face. I adore all of the happy memories I make and when my keepsake isn't ridiculously ridiculous and I've become attached to it, I am going to keep it. These things are in a box of memories that I treasure very highly.

Keepsakes & Treasures,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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