Friday, 28 August 2015

Future Chapters

I have so many goals when it comes to books- some I have stored in my head, some I've written on my blog somewhere and some I don't even know yet. I thought that, today, I would outline the chapters of book-reading I have to come; the goals I want to achieve. I may have forgotten some I have written on the blog at some point, but fingers crossed they will come to me!

The chapters I aim (I will) complete

- Re-read the Harry Potter series

- Read as many of the classics that I can

- Re-read all of my favourite books

- Read the books of musicals that I adore

- Read all of my mum's favourite books

- Carry on reading books Carrie Hope Fletcher has recommended

- Read loads of genres I've not looked at and loads I've always wanted to

- Search for a read very high-thought of books- including those that seem relatively unknown

- Read more short stories

- Read more poetry

Importantly for the old blog, all of these goals directly relate to it- I will always record my reading adventures on the blog and I think a lot of these should have a series when they come about (I love a good series!). So here is a short but sweet post about some of my favourite things- books and related thingamabobs! I love having goals and the best goals are those that inspire me the most- the ones I am super excited for. And here are future chapters I will read and complete!

Exciting Chapters & Goals,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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