Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Experience: University

For many people, September/October may mark the start of their University Chapter. September 2014 marked the start of mine, and  I learnt a lot about myself because of it. I always knew I wanted to go to university; to further my self in my topic of study and get that degree. However, it must be said that university is never the only option. Further, you may have wanted to go all your life, but not want to when the time comes or vice versa; this is all okay! To "university" (if it were a verb) or to not university, that is your choice! I have many friends who chose not to university, and they are doing fabulously- doing so with no regrets. Also, everyone must remember that we can university later on in life. Whether that be a year later or many, many more! Finally, if we university and it's not for us, dropping out will never mean failure! Never! If you don't like your course- change it! If university is not for you, just. Don't. Do. It.

So. I started university last year, and the fact I was starting only sunk in when I'd arrived at the nearby Tesco, getting some last bits of food before I moved in. I was about to start living very far away from my home. I hadn't been particularly worried about it; I hadn't overthought the whole thing. I simply felt fine about it. My only worry was that I wouldn't fit in- but I was aware everyone would feel like this! And it's true; they did! And then, when my parents and I were stood in my room, a lump was in my throat that caused me to feel incredibly lonely. It sucked. And I cried. Which I didn't expect.

My flatmates turned out to be top notch people, the only girl being a very close friend of mine now. If you're not so lucky it should be known that your flatmates aren't the only people you'll meet (obviously). One of my friends' closes friends are all coursemates.

Back to when I first got to university. The day after moving in, my homesickness was awful. I powered through but it didn't get better for a long time and, for me, it never went! For most people it does go! (Although a lot still have homesickness surprise them every now and then). BUT, I learnt how to deal with homesickness. I have never been a homesick kind of person, but I think most experience it at university and I was in the category mixed in with being stupidly nostalgic about the amazing summer I'd just had. Either way, it must be known, homesickness is completely natural if you feel it too.

Also, I always want to tell people, it is an individual's choice as to what uni experience they want. I'll say now the conclusion: Just be safe. If going out is for you, go out! If staying in with a book is for you, do that! If it's a bit of both, go for it! Just be safe.

Not everyone lives away, of course, or goes far away for university. Because you don't have to. You may not want to/your course may not fit in with living far away. Do. What. You. Want. It's simple! If you don't know, you can work it out as you go along, and you can change your mind whenever!

A final point I can think of off the top of my head is this (I have already touched up on it): Make sure you're happy with your entire experience. If you don't like your course, change it or figure out a new plan. If you're uncomfortable with a particular aspect of your experience, don't do it! I just think we need this idea verbalised to us more often: You can switch things (e.g. your course); you can drop out- this isn't giving up!

I haven't covered nearly as much as I could have. I just wanted to cover some points about my university experience and things I have known since starting university. Any questions are welcome!

New Places & New People,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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