Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Revisited: Happiness

It's 11:16 when I'm writing this and before this point I didn't have an idea in mind; I just knew that I wanted to write something. So, in the search for inspiration I started to read some lovely blogs, indulging my mind in brilliantly poised words and ideas. Other peoples' blog posts will always inspire me- sometimes they'll inspire my day; a blog post of mine; a feeling. I read a lot of posts about happiness and I knew before this point in time that I wanted a happiness-kind-of-theme. I hadn't yet found an idea that was inspired from these posts into my brain that I wanted to write down. And then, just a few minutes ago, I found this quote on Pinterest after typing into google "Happy quote Pinterest"...

I'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.

I tried to research where this quote originated but I'm not sure- either way, it's a beautiful quote with exactly what I needed to touch upon happiness.

We go to school and we want someone else's rucksack, we go to secondary school and we want someone else's hair; we go to college and we want someone else's confidence and grades; we go to university and the working world and we want someone else's plans. We go through life - however grateful we really may be - thinking about the fact this friend has a car or this friend has the money to go out all of the time etc. We need to think of all of the things that we have that other people are thinking about (even when they shouldn't be!). You may think you don't have something we envy, but you do!

When I, a few years ago, decided it was time to give up not trying to enjoy my life 100% of the time, I wanted to achieve as close to complete happiness as I possibly could. I learnt how important the principal behind this quote is a few years ago and I will never forget it. I will always appreciatie that not everyone can "choose happiness" (in which case one should speak up and seek help). Part of my finding happiness came from behind entirely grateful for all I've got (not that others aren't!). I realised all I had and still have, and I want to write here a few things about my life I am very grateful for and why I will never compare and complain about my grass. It's good grass.

- Family
- Friends
- Having positivity around me a lot
- Health
- The laughter I experience every day
- The chances I've been given
- The chances I've been able to make for myself

As well as this, I began accepting myself- who I am and the way I look. This then inspired me to do everything I could to change the things I didn't like and could like with effort. I will always try to improve myself in every aspect, but knowing that I will always try is more than enough for me. Here are some things directly about me that I appreciate- things I would notice about anyone else that are good things:

Me (not look-wise because I will always focus on these things as my best attributes):

- I know how to work hard
- I have dreams I am determined to reach
- I am kind
- I have good intentions
- I am reliable
- I care
- Making others feel small will never be how I find happiness

Me (look-wise because it is so important to accept and love ourselves)

- I have skin that cooperates most of the time
- I have a small waist I like
- I like my legs
- I like my ears
- My hair can have really good days all by itself

I could have listed things that contradict these things (I currently have an painful spot, for example, and I have hips I don't like but my spot will go and I am working hard with exercise all of the time so I don't care about my hips because they have improved so much and I love them more all of the time- they are just part of me, ay!) but we have to love ourselves!

This quote inspired all of these thoughts because the way we find happiness is by making sure our grass is our priority; we should not look at someone else's who sometimes we think is greener- that's their grass! That's their new car and someone else's new hair! We have our own family and friends and styles and things. The sooner we stop comparing ourselves to others - whether that's people we know, people we know of their existence or celebrities - we are going to find ourselves a lot happier. I will always focus on my own grass, congratulate others on theirs and make sure I'm always doing what's good for me and keeping my grass as green and as happy as possible.

We have to be healthy and kind and we have to find our happiness if we can! And we have to bloomin' try if we can! We have to have good thoughts and if we're unhappy about something, as long as go about it safely and healthily and we remember we are humans and we mess up sometimes, and we don't quite get it right, as long as we are trying, we are finding happiness.

Happiness & Good Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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