Monday, 24 August 2015


Togetherness. It's one of those cosy feelings; one of those homely feelings. It's also exciting; a feeling of comradeship and friendship and teamwork. I really started thinking about togetherness after watching Paper Towns at the cinema last week. I'm going to focus on the togetherness I felt directly from the film rather than the novel (although I know I felt the same theme was entirely relevant when I read it too) because the movie is fresher in my mind.

*Traces of spoiler.*

Firstly, the group of friends - Quentin, Ben and Radar - easily portray their close bond that leads to them knowing - and us knowing - that their teasing only comes from love and happiness. I put that incredibly lamely, but it brings us, as the audience, only warmth and it makes us feel comfort- for them and with them. This kind of feeling does actually make me feel that teary feeling, whether there are tears or not. That good teary feeling.

We see their togetherness through all of the adventures they go through as friends. Through the things they are all willing to do for each other. When Quentin wants to find Margo, all they do is support him and help him. It's second nature to Ben and Radar to help Q start his investigation when a clue is spotted in Margo's bedroom window. Their tendency to be on board with Q's plans from the word go (although it needs to be stressed that they are safe plans) portrays the support they naturally give their friends. This is easily seen with how they overcome fears to complete some of Q's plans and their excitement for a road trip too.

The theme that makes me tear up the most with Paper Towns (it really makes my tummy feel in love with the idea and the knowledge of the feeling) is the "lastness" theme. In a happily but sad nostalgic way, the guys begin to dwell on how they have completed their last homework and things of the such before university- they may not have even been things they enjoyed but it's how they experienced these same things together. And suddenly that aspect of their lives were coming to a close and soon a whole new chapter with different people was about to begin. I remember feeling this feeling last summer, when university was on its way. I am happy to confirm that going to the pub on a weekday and having pizza nights with my friends were not performed for the last time last summer, but I still felt so nostalgic and grateful for those memories last year. It's a bittersweet feeling. And oh my, does it portray togetherness.

As a last paragraph I have to say how wonderful the film of Paper Towns is. I adore the book and I adore the film. The actors are spot on and the way it is filmed and acted is exactly what I imagined reading the book. It's an awesome tale of growing up, friendship and learning to understand that no body is perfect.

Clues & Maps,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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