Thursday, 13 August 2015

Feeling Peace

I have learnt in the last year, but realised more recently, the importance of peace. Whether that peace be found in a setting, or a person, or a thing or a thought, I want to feel peace. Even if I am surrounded in busyness and sound and well, anything!- I want to feel peace. To feel tranquil. To feel ready to take on whatever life may throw at me.

Before I went out for a night last week, I sat on the beach with my best friend and a pretty, pretty sky. I took in the natural surroundings and the sky doing its thing in in front, above and all around us. Nature's bigger than us, isn't it? A lot of things teach us this; literature being the thing that made it very evident to me. It made me realise that even though nature is in front of us all of the time. It calms me. Even though I have no power in controlling it from day-to-day - I don't know what it will do next! -, when I am sat with a sunset and a friend, I feel peace. Nature can be very dark; I am lucky to live a life where I can feel peace with it. That best friend I was with definitely contributed to my clear mind and happy state, of course!

In another way, I find peace through my running. Also, a walk is a good way for me to just focus on finding peace. There are stresses in our lives and I'm lucky I have nothing horrific to worry about. All the same, to find peace, a run will clear my mind (even if I am thinking a lot!), as will a walk! Sometimes I need my room, but sometimes to be somewhere that is not confined by walls is exactly where peace sings to me.

This sounds like a spiritual post, but it is not! I want to seek being able to deal with pressures and finding other ways to deal with it (I am aware that watching a sunset or going on a run just isn't the road a lot of people need). I want to feel peace when life is manic- life can get on top of us, can't it!? It could be a book that makes my mind smile; it could be a talk with someone; it could be a film or a night in. I just love feeling peace.

A Beach & A Pretty Sky,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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