Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What Disney's Taught Me #3

Some qualities in characters and some situations in Disney films have some stigma attached to them, however my "What Disney's Taught Me" series aims to show some of the amazingly positive lessons Disney teaches. Today I am focusing on Cinderella. So putting any negatives one may believe in when it comes to this particular Disney princess, and this particular tale of Disney's, here we are: What Cinderella has taught me.

Cinderella teaches how to work hard. She has been put in an impossible situation- a frustrating one. Left with three family members who treat her more than badly, she faces life with a positive smile and a happy tune. She teaches us to take sucky situations and spin in them into something gorgeous. She faces those who treat her awfully with polite words and a knowledge that there is something worth fighting for in this world; a fight she undergoes with a smile.

Cinderella shows us the importance of friendship. She finds friendship within the mice and dog and they trust each other beautifully. Their friendship ultimately means teamwork, and because of the loyalty Cinderella has shown to them, they have Cinderella's back when she needs it!

Cinderella teaches us that a dream is a wish our heart makes. Oh, I love such a message! I am a big believer in wishes and dreams, and Cinderella holds onto hers, making a big step to hope hers comes true. She does teach us that we can do it- we can change our lives. We need to value our dreams because our hearts know they are based on sincere wishes.

Oh, how I love Disney!

Songs & Dreams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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