Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Short Summary

So... Last month I set myself the challenge of writing and posting 26 posts last month (not including the post that explained it) and I was on track, with the aim to post three yesterday to complete the challenge. And guess what... My internet didn't work all day and then when it did, I just had to get to sleep. Ahhhh, so annoying! I refuse to call it failure because I had the posts ready! So, I ended up posting 23 times and I'm still very happy with that- I refuse to accept responsibility so despite how frustrating it is, I consider myself to have completed my challenge.

I thought I would take the time in this post to talk about everything challenge-y on the blog. I decided to post many more times than an average month on The Girl in the Moonlight last month because summer can mean a lonely blog because I get so swept away with everything- I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it because an empty blog always makes me very sad. Even though I missed those last 3 posts, 23 posts is awesome. I am very chuffed with that.

To conclude the unscheduled blog I have had in the last few months, as of tomorrow I will start posting with my old schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It makes those weekdays all the more exciting.

Another conclusion The Girl in the Moonlight August 2015 made me feel able to take part in Blogtober- blogging every day next month. I haven't fully decided but I think, should I have the right atmosphere around me next month, I shall be trying to complete Blogtober. I want to make this year's blog the best yet, so I want to produce lots and lots of posts I am happy with.

I love challenging myself, especially when it comes to my blog- it teaches me that I can do it! I was aware I probably would end up bulk-posting within days and probably towards the end of the month but I wasn't worried about that at all; I simply adored the process. I didn't feel disorganised even though there was no schedule but should I take part in Blogtober, I am aware of the planning I shall definitely be doing! Exciting!

A Conclusion & Future Challenges,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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