Friday, 30 January 2015

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion

"A laugh-out-loud debut"/"Exuberantly life-affirming"/"Sublime, pitch-perfect, extremely funny"/"Brilliant, important, good-hearted."

The quotes placed above the picture are just a few of the many outstanding reviews of this book. I am finding it difficult to put how awesomely charming this book is into one comprehensible sentence. All of the quotes on the outside of my copy of The Rosie Project and the inside cover and first page too should make one whole review and that would almost cover how insanely lovely and honest and captivating this novel is, though I do know for sure that it would not be enough.

The Rosie Project follows Don Tillman and his quest to find a woman who is compatible to be his wife. Don is a geneticist who has always seen himself - as have others - as a bit of an outsider. Stuck in his routines while his mind is controlled by logic, Don is nothing but an endearing, amusing and very sweet protagonist. In the midst of Don carrying out extensive research into finding the perfect wife, a very unlikely candidate brightens Don't eyes. The one and only Rosie.

Don is hopelessly wonderful. I really invested in this character and his motivations that were behind his actions, even when he was blind to it. The development of his character was lovely to read, while the development didn't necessarily mean he really changed. Following his thoughts and reflections on life was like taking a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon in spring; fresh, renewing and bright too.

Rosie is also very endearing, partially because of her effect on Don's life, but completely in her own right too. Although vulnerable, Rosie is strong and a big contrast to Don. Only she is looking as much as he is.

Rosie and Don make a superhero-like team. They're like The Avengers as a duo. Together they are unstoppable and are definitely one of my favourite teams.

The Rosie Project is an eye-opening novel filled with unexpected adventure and charm and sparkly feelings. I really adore this book.

Thank goodness for sequels! I can't wait to begin The Rosie Effect!

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  1. I haven't read this one yet but it sounds like such a cute and fun story. Great review :)


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