Monday, 2 February 2015

"Too Attached"

I have been thinking about the term "too attached" today and the merry-go-round of thoughts in my mind about it justify a blog post dedicated to the idea, I believe.

Too often, I think, "too attached" is used to express a negative opinion of someone or a group of people (or whoever) being embarrassingly and/or unhealthily obsessed with something or someone. Naturally it has been, in my life, heard to be said about an individual and their feelings for another. It applies, it seems, to a lot of circumstances.

Glue. It's an example of something we use to make sure something is firmly attached to something else; stuck to something. We want it to be "too attached", right?

Of course, we must remember the balance. The all important balance a lot of people seek to achieve.

But, dare I say it, in the right circumstance, becoming "too attached" to something isn't a bad thing.

The role models people choose to choose is a big debate, and not one I am about go into it. However, a big part of my life has always been (and always will be) McFly. I adore their music and I adore them. Put simply, this these are the two reasons I am "attached" to them. I choose to invest my time into listening to their awesome music and watching their interviews. On a wider scale, I choose to spend my money on their merchandise and their music etc, etc (a choice I will not regret and will continue to do- I love wearing their tshirtsWHU and their wristbands). On an even wider scale, other people (although I secretly hope and beg they find it endearing) people see me as, shall we say, "very" attached. I would never consider my love (yes, love) for McFly as ever being "too" anything. My way of loving McFly should never put me in danger; it is innocent and happy.

In turn, I adore books. I become "too attached" to characters. I may even utter these tabooed words myself (The Fault In Our Stars particularly coming to mind). The act of me reading, however, shouldn't be one that has negative connotations, and I've never had that suggested to me. It makes me happy, I'm indulging in words and I'm using up my time in a productive way.

So, why do some people name certain circumstances (although I am not pinpointing certain ones, and writing vaguely about personal stories I have heard of) as this tabooed idea: The idea of being *gasps* Too Attached.

I want to make it clear that there are obviously circumstances I am not covering where there are dangerous situations if someone does something let alone becomes "attached" or "too attached", and there are different contextual factors to each case. However, in the circumstance that I am thinking about in my head and not writing down in words, I simply don't agree.

What brings us happiness without danger or threat of taking away anything else that is good, should never be shunned.

Bracelets & Little Notes,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. Wow I've just come across your blog and I really adore your writing. So honest and straight from the heart.

  2. love " fault in our stars" coming to being ' too attached' ....everybody is too...i have gone through this being attached to family during my exams and trust me i kinda have been through a hell of a time.......i mean literally 'hell'......
    some kind of a phobia ,i guess......some fear of losing my family when i am gonna go to college...

    anyway......we just gotta be strong during those hard times,right?


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