Monday, 19 January 2015

A Sad Heart

All within a few moments, a heart can be made; a heart can be broken. I've experienced both, but today I want to talk about the latter. A sad heart can be produced for many reasons, and the one I will be talking about, I will not specify, but in one moment, everything can look a little different; a little hazier. Happy moments can be belittled by a few words. But, I've promised, for all the right reasons, these happy moments will be appreciated and loved and cherished again.


I experienced shock. I spoke gibberish and was scared to stop talking in case what was said back to me hurt even more.

Overwhelming sadness

I really hadn't expected this certain sadness this night and it really made me re-think a lot. I can appreciate this thinking now because it lead to happiness, but at the time it was soul-destroying and quite frustrating. I felt tears so strong because I just didn't anticipate it.


I wanted to question everything. I felt very heartbroken and unanswered.


The event still makes me sad, but the forgiveness I have promised is a promise I want to keep, because it all can be forgiven, and so it shall and should be, because I have made such a pledge and I want to continue seeing it through. This sad heart taught me a lot. I can't say I'm grateful for it, but I can see how a sad situation can be as mended as a sad situation can be. Honestly, it sucked. I felt a little betrayed and I'd never felt that before. Hindsight can make me feel a lot better about it all. Hindsight about my sad heart and a few other things.

A hopeful conclusion to a sad heart

However, a thing I've learnt about happiness in the last year and a bit allowed for my sad heart to smile more again until it began to smile a lot. It wasn't worth forgetting the good for. It really isn't.

Loom Bands & Ice Creams,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. I'm sorry that you're experiencing a sad heart at the moment. At least you're hopeful and I know that you will smile and laugh again soon. :) x

    1. Luckily it's not a sad heart I'm experiencing at the moment but did so last year! I thought I'd write the post to show that smileyness was allowed back in once I thought about it all! :)


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