Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Wintery Walk

I spent a day with one of my closest persons yesterday and it was a day that deserves to be written down.

With a packed lunch made, we journeyed to the beach and found a warm-enough spot to sit and eat it (our stomachs were talking to us so we thought our best idea would be to eat first). Not too long into it, it got very cold and so after finishing it, we planned a little walk. We looked around, walking on the pebbly beach and "aw"ing at dogs. We laughed and smiled and all of that happy stuff whilst walking, enjoying the day. We did a lot of laughing at old memories and talking about other trips of ours to the beach. We really took advantage of that "enjoying each other's company thing." We had a lovely wintery and yet sunny afternoon, never interrupted by anything that wasn't smiley or sunshiney.

I believe that in literature, settings and weather are one of those poignant things- as well as the strength of nature and its superiority to little old us.

The beach

My person and I, over our knowing of each other, have spent a lot of time down the beach. With fear of sounding pedantic, I'd say the beach symbolises us and the relationship we share. It represents all things sunshiney and happy, new and old.

The weather

The whole pathetic fallacy comes into play here (the idea of the weather representing emotions etc). See, it was a gorgeously sunny, blue-skied day. There were many people on the beach and ice-creams were being eaten. The summer-esque picture was reflected in our smiles and our having fun and our happiness. Below the surface, though, we were both a little sadly nostalgic and nervous about something that is to come- and I'd like not to be pretentious, but it was reflected in the bitter air; the cold day.


We spoke about what we have learnt is important. We both value the same sort of everyday what-we-think-we-need-to-live things; work and education. Yes, these are important necessaries - on different levels for different people - for a lot of people, but one thing we've always spoken about having learnt is this: It matters, but so much more matters too (again, on different levels). In Frankenstein, Victor begins to appreciate nature and all of the things that are similar to it. Family and friends and love and laughter are things that are there, just like nature. All so important.

Winter Walks & Sunny Thoughts,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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