Monday, 5 January 2015

A Thing I've Learnt About Happiness

I've always had a happy life and a happy life I am grateful and aware of. In the last year and a bit, however, I have learnt a lot about happiness. It has meant enduring happiness in the most care-free and exciting way. In the last year (although, not meaning I didn't before), I really lead the life I wanted to lead.

I have been taught right and wrongs and listened to them in my life. Now I'm old enough to organise my own life and sort out what direction it will go in I know the type of life I want and the one I will never desire. In this way, I have always been happy. I've been happy with the "me" that I am. I am a big believer of everyone loving themselves and being the "me" everyone wants to be, whilst embracing parts that although may seem undesirable to them, are actually blooming marvelous.

In the last over-365-days, I embraced "me" and made the "me" that I am smiley-er.

I allowed myself to carpe diem, most prominently seen through 2014. I am proud of myself for this. I now always hope to embrace this side of life. I want to live a healthy life and one where I indulge in the simple, relaxing things as well as the exciting (but safe) things too. What I've learnt about happiness is to give myself a chance.

And how I thank myself for giving me a chance.

2014 was a year I want to condense into a perfume because it would be my favourite smell. I experienced a plethora of deliriously happy smiles and butterflies in those awesome 365 days. I tried so hard to simply not worry. It wasn't an easy thing, but I felt myself relax in the process of this.

Alongside learning about happiness meant learning about moving on and experiencing new things and learning about forgiveness and meeting new people. 2014 will be my port of call if I need to remind myself of any learnt lessons. I hope 2015 is more of the same- and more!

Importantly, though, I bring with me the hope in the thought of the tomorrow, and the tomorrows after that.

Boats & Decks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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