Friday, 23 January 2015

A Quote

"Sometimes writing is running downhill, your fingers jerking behind you on the keyboard the way your legs do when they can't quite keep up with gravity," - Cath, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

I took this quote in a very positive way.

Recently, I have got my blog back to the happy place I love it to be; healthy and fed, with posts I am enjoying writing and posting. I am putting aside time for writing- plus a lot more time too! My passion for blogging never left, but something did. Whatever ran away for a while has gracefully jogged back in a "hey, hey, just having a casual jog; look how happily excited I am" kind of way. I have adored being sat with my little writing machine (my laptop- I'm getting very giggly about my excitement for writing is all!), adored being inspired by different ideas, and planning ideas too!

This Rainbow Rowell quote at the beginning of my post made my brain jump about excitedly- I love this feeling. Running away with writing; your fingers running away with love for this hobby I have.

When it's those awesome writing sessions where my fingers are typing and my mind is thinking and sometimes they aren't doing this in sync but words are being produced that are conveying the idea in my head while another idea is getting ready to splurge onto the page while I think of the next. It's like my fingers are running quickly while my thoughts are thinking quickly and they run and they run until it comes to a halt and the end and I take a big breath.

I've reached the finishing line.

I may need to tweak it, but look at that: my thoughts; my writing... All on one sparkly, happy page.

Writing is such a beautiful act to me. An exciting act that can leave my fingers out of breath; excited, motivated but never tired.

Strawberries & Chocolate,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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