Saturday, 3 January 2015

My Blogging Bucket List | 2015

I love a good bucket list. With the new year smiling beside me, I can't help but adore the thought of a blogging bucket list to make this year the best blogging year so far. Last year I wrote a blogging bucket list to start 2014 and firstly, I want to cover the aims I set out and see whether I completed them or not.

The first aim I wrote down was to make sure I posted at least one short story a month and I am very smiley as I write: I DID IT! It was one of my favourite things about my blog last year. I wrote that I hoped I didn't overdo it, and I don't think I did. Most importantly, even though I want to make sure my blog is still all about the other posts I strongly assign to my blog too (which I noted was important to me in last year's post), it has made me know that I want short stories to be synonymous (along with some other posts) with my blog when I think of The Girl in the Moonlight. I had, for so long, wanted to write a conventional facts about me post and that was an aim of last year... That I completed! I adored writing this post. I aimed to write more lifestyle posts. For me, lifestyle posts are a little different to other people's. As much as I wish I could post photos of my days and write about them explicitly, the whole oooo-I'm-so-mysterious-and-anonymous (I joke) thing gets in the way. As I can only think of two, it's hard to tell whether I completed this aim as lifestyle posts were definitely not a common post of 2014. A couple come to my mind (HERE and HERE), but as I'm not sure, I'm going to (although not make it a specific aim) hope to write a few I definitely consider lifestyle-y this year! My fourth aim was to write a DIY post and my gosh, I did it... Twice! I adored writing both! Finally, I wanted to change the look of my blog. I did and I love it. What a chunky, happy-looking paragraph this is.

I want to do exactly what I said at the beginning of this post: Make 2015 the best blogging year so far. So, my first aim is to make The Girl in the Moonlight, 2015 the most awesome 365 blogging days.

My second blogging bucket list aim is to post at least four posts that involve someone else this year. I really enjoy working with other people on posts so I am hoping to get others involved with some posts this year.

For 2015, I shall make my third aim to not promise any schedule unless I am certain for however long I can be certain for that I can carry out a schedule! Fearing my blogging schedule was an issue last year for various reasons and so, I'm going to see how it goes, with a vague schedule in my head, but one I will not write down in fear of not fulfilling it. It was when I wasn't fulfilling it a bit too often which was frustrating.

My fourth and final aim will be to set myself at least two blogging challenges this year (not including Blogmas... I hope I will be in a position where I believe I can complete Blogmas this year). Partially because I'm a little disappointed at my 2014 Blogmas, I want to throw a little extra challenge-y excitement into my 2015 blog.

Pyjamas & Fluffy Socks,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. This is the last of my round-up and aim posts to set up 2015- here we go, 2015 The Girl in the Moonlight!

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