Friday, 9 January 2015

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

The excitement to read this book had been built up for a very long time. When I opened a present to find Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell on Christmas Day, I was so ridiculously excited that I immediately began to read this awesome novel.

Fangirl, as the book I brought into 2015 with me, has set an awesomely exciting standard for all of the books I shall read henceforth. This book is a quirky yet sad novel written in the most brilliant way. It also projects happiness and hope in a way that makes me be completely charmed. I have heard a plethora of wonderfully magical things about Rainbow Rowell's writing and before receiving this novel, I wrote down all of her novels on my "to be read" list because each look gloriously spectacular. And, Fangirl, everyone... is no exception.

About Cath, Fangirl creates a world of new things, comfort in old things, the world of fandoms and portrays anxiety through the thoughts of this lovely protagonist, Cath. What I adore about Cath is her passion for writing. She knows it's her thing and she loves it being her thing. As a blogger, I am obviously going to wish to be best friends with this girl. Equally, as a blogger that is also part of a fandom, I can relate. Although Cath knows writing is her thing, Fangirl follows her struggles with writing and where she wants to go with it. Cath is a caring character and one that doesn't wish to change her way of living. I completely respect her and the way she does live; quietly and passionately. However. Cath finds that with her new adventure, comes new things. At first she does not like this, and it's not something she ever is straight away, completely comfortable with. Cath knows who she is and knows what she doesn't want. I like this. That Cath sticks to being who she is is portrayed as an awesomely wonderful thing. And it is.

Cath writes fanfiction online and this is what immediately made me want to read this novel. Although I have not had much contact with fanfiction (I have watched McFly talk about fanfiction!), I know a lot about it, and the passion for a "thing"/"person"/"band" that is mostly often the drive behind it. Naturally, Fangirl is particularly unique because of fanfiction being a main theme throughout the novel, with awesome little sections before chapters (that I won't spoil for potential readers) that make it all the more gripping and real.

I am very attached to the characters in this novel. Cath's twin plays a big role in Fangirl. Wren is her twin sister and perceived as completely different to Cath. Yet, she isn't all that different. Cath's dad is also a character that makes my heart warm. He is very passionate about his job and very loving towards his children. He is a character that brings the theme of mental illness to the novel, and it is portrayed in a heart-breaking way, but once again, a book is thankfully bringing mental illness to the front of our minds. Levi, Cath's roomate's ex-boyfriend becomes very important in Cath's life and his warm and sweet ways are ones that make me very happy. Equally, Cath's roomate, Reagan is a character I adore- although for different reasons. Reagan is to-the-point and sometimes scary but there is something very caring about her and I adore her and Cath's friendship a lot.

Anxiety is a key theme throughout this novel. Cath sees university as an experience that has happened due to following her twin sister. She is nervous and doesn't like change. She likes staying in and writing (There is nothing wrong with that, for sure!). However, she faces nerves and discomfort at the thought of certain everyday activities and social events, too. Fangirl covers certain aspects of anxiety in a way that made me really think, really consider it. It's all very real and very understandable.

This novel is very unique and refreshing, and one I have added to my favouritebookever list!

Writing & Peanut Butter,

The Girl in the Moonlight


  1. I can't wait to read this book and still can't believe I haven't even bought it yet. The more I hear about it, the more I want to read it. Sounds great - glad your first novel of the year was a good one! :) x

    1. Ahhh, it's so awesome! I can't wait until you read it so we can chitchat about it! Thank you :)


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