Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My Little Experiment | 2nd Blogging Birthday


It's my blogging birthday. One of my favourite birthdays I celebrate. (Well, you know, in line with my actual birthday.)

Becoming a two-year-old blogger has made me reflect on a lot of things. How it has excited my life, and what I have learnt being two of them. Blogging has been such an awesome experience, even when my blog has looked a little sadder and a little emptier. Blogging has always brought warmth to my heart. Here, I'd like to briefly sum up some of my favourite things about blogging:

 Being able to write about what I want to write about in the moment

 Being able to get lost in the moment of writing

 Bring with it the realisation of hopes (even if known before), e.g. wanting to write a novel

 Being able to write about things I love

 A lot of lovely reflection

♡ Feeling very tranquil at the thought of blogging- at any time in the day

I started The Girl in the Moonlight two years ago with a lot of excitement in my heart. Bringing my love of writing to my little space online has kept this excitement at the very same level because it has inspired me to write more than I ever did. Writing my stories (whether they be the literal stories I have produced, or the stories of my life I have shared, or the stories of how much I have loved a book etc) on this blog has been delightful- like my own little personal fairytale. Between me, my thoughts and my blog. My best friend that isn't a person.

I love my blog and I'm proud to say it has been up and running for two years while, all the same, my love for writing has been running for even longer. This blog allows for this passion to be something I can see collected in one, happy space.

At 19:49 two years ago, I posted my first ever blog post and I am so childishly delighted about this fact. The time the world could officially see how my blog became my best friend, if they so wish.

Thank you, blog.

Banners & Cake,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. Aw that is so sweet and awesome that you have been doing this for so long! Happy blog birthday!


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