Friday, 16 January 2015

This Girl and Boy

Summer was everything a girl and a boy could want. This girl and boy said it every day in those sometimes sunny, and sometimes rainy months. Autumn was new to them. Yet this girl and boy felt only warmth for each other as the air got that little chillier. Winter was distantly sad but this girl and boy were not deterred. They uttered "love" like they do in the movies.

A new year came around and they faced it with the smiles they promised they would smile for ever.

February, March, April, May and June. They all arrived and departed with with sunny expressions. Soft expressions. Caring expressions. Those smiles they sing about.

This girl and boy talked about the future, never ignoring the present. With fingers interlocked, they knew of the fairytale that was life. They loved, they lived and they laughed.

From afar, their love was effortless, flawless and majestic. In the comfort of four walls, they whispered to each other how true this observation was. Not smug, but happy, the two of them watched their stretch of summer arrive again. It promised sun and it promised rain, but moreover, it promised love and it promised everything they talked about all year.

This girl and boy were never agitated. Never bored. Never bitter. Never waiting for summer because they knew it would come. So they made summer an all-year occurrence through the whispers they whispered.

Their families wondered. They wondered a lot. Happily, of course. Was their future the future they appeared to be dreaming? They couldn't deny them of it, they knew that to be true. They were young love's dream and every other cliche, except it was real, and sweet, and charming and teasing.

That second summer passed, and as did six more. The sun smiled, the rain sang its song. Then in the June of the ninth summer, this girl and this boy married and became their dream. Together. As they vowed their vows, joined lips in joy, they smiled at their family as they faced their life that would always be summer. Always.


Here is my first short story of 2015!

Summer & Sunshine,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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