Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Girl in the Moonlight | 2014

2014 has been a bit up and down for The Girl in the Moonlight. Completely unintentionally, throughout the year - and in this very month! - I have had little time to follow any schedule. This can happen though and I have tried to not be glum about it, even if it has disappointed me sometimes.

The issues I have had with finding time to blog have taught me a lot though. I figured out last year that a certain level of planning works for me! I claim to not have had time and although this is true, it is also not. I will simply be making time in 2015. This may mean long periods of time where I am completely inspired and a few posts being written and sometimes a few minutes worth of jotting. It all counts! I really want to follow a schedule again but I'm not going to commit myself to one just yet.

I kept making promises to myself this year, claiming to post a certain amount of times in a week (or however long) and simply not fulfilling them. Making promises to myself and not completing them sucks, because it's down to me and the intention is full of meaning- only lacking something. I've learnt to attach something else to these promises. Although I cannot pinpoint what it is exactly, I simply will. I have also learnt to stop writing these promises online. It only makes it that bit more stressful that makes it even harder!

However, I have, as always, adored my blogging adventures of 2014. It's been awesome.

A few highlights:

- In March I set myself a little challenge. I posted seven days in a row with a little plan of what sorts of posts I would write. It brought a few different kind of posts onto my blog, including the fact that I had always wanted to write a DIY post and I did so in these seven days (HERE, if you wish!). Having a vague plan for those seven days was really exciting and got the creative juices flowing!

- Posts that I am most inspired by are ones when I am discussing an issue close to my heart. I have been very happy with the posts I have written this year that are about subjects like that. I wrote a post about body image in February HERE, and also, in February I wrote about how important everyone - of whatever sexuality - having rights is HERE. I've written about the importance of gay rights again HERE, I've written about feminism HERE and HERE and shared a few opinions on make-up HERE. Most of the time, these are the posts where I am sat at my laptop, typing all of my thoughts, ignoring any thoughts of being coherent- simply being wrapped up in the moment of me and my thoughts.

- Carrie Says! I shall leave a link HERE explaining what "Carrie Says" is and why it has been awesome this year!

- I shall also leave a link HERE and HERE about all of the short stories I have posted this year because I have adored writing them all!

I can't wait to experience The Girl in the Moonlight's 2015. It's going to be a good'n!

Happy New Year everyone!

Skies & Seas,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

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