Friday, 26 December 2014

A Little Blog of Stories | Part One, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

2014 for The Girl in the Moonlight was the year of the short stories. I made it one of my aims of 2014 to post a short story a month. *Grins.* I succeeded! I wanted to dedicate two blog posts to it (the first six months today and the last six months tomorrow!), because they have been my favourite posts to write! I hope it doesn't seem self-absorbed to talk about my own pieces. I am simply writing this for myself, and for anyone who may be interested.


In January of this year I posted my short story, The Freedom of Solace. I have quite the attachment to this story, which has meant carrying it on throughout the year. I adored writing this because I get into the head of a quiet, thoughtful and awesome guy- of which there are many in the un-fictional world. Freddy is one who is more than comfortable with his own company; yet there is something haunting him too. I like this story (and the ones that have followed) because he's a modest type; one of my favourite characters.


It Will Be Over Soon was my February short story, It is from the point of view of three different characters: Jasmine, Sophie and Jack. All suffering from a little heartache on Valentine's Day, they find a little warmth from each other; a little salvation. I enjoyed writing this story because it felt hopeful.


I think March brings my favourite story I wrote this year. The Chrysanthemum made me 100% lose myself in Oliver's story. I may be trying a little too hard to be pretentious with symbols and whatnot but I enjoyed formulating each sentence in this piece.


A Refusal of Rain was April's short story. I simply wanted to focus a story around a beach... So I did!


I wrote a short story about the frustrating pressures that can be attached to gay people when it is a circumstance where they are realising that they are gay, as well as the stereotypes that simply shouldn't exist. One Minute Past Nine is a short story I wrote to portray injustice.


June was where I wrote In That Moment, a story to make me feel a little tingly and see sweetness. It's one of my favourites because it's simple. I may have been pretentious with words, but I wanted to portray a particular, happy feeling. Delicate, but pretty.

This may seem like a post where I am simply wanting you to click links. However, I merely want to gather one place to sum up my attempt at creativeness of 2014. Tomorrow I will be posting the second part to this. I have enjoyed writing these stories a huge amount.

Pink & Yellow,

The Girl in the Moonlight.


  1. This is amazing! I wish I could write short stories and post them haha!


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