Thursday, 4 December 2014

It's Kind of a Long Story | Chapter 4

I have been writing my own novel. It's an endeavor I am musing only for me as I have always dreamed of writing my own story. One day it clicked that, why shouldn't I write my own story? Nothing's stopping me!

Recently, for a reason I honestly can't explain, my writing of every kind had virtually stopped. It's not because I have writer's block or a lack of desire to write, or even a lack of time. I just haven't been doing it. I have been getting back into the swing of blogging, and with this, I want to really start to push forward with my novel. To inspire me, I have decided to create a plan of when to write for my novel. I want it to be a loose outline so I can not worry if I don't meet a target (I am writing this book for me, after all!), but I can, of course, write more if I wish! As a result of this, I thought I would share my plan with you!

A week's novel-writing schedule

 One hour novel-writing-session where I build up the creation of my characters

 Three hours planning for my novel

 One hour of writing 1,000 words (whether that be mere ideas or sections or whatever)

 A read over all of my little ideas here and there each week

I really plan on sticking to this, with the hope of making a lot more time to indulge myself in my own little novel.

Bunting & Daisies,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I am blogging every day for Blogmas and you can read yesterday's post HERE!


  1. This is great! I'm also writing and sometimes I have this problems were I don't write!

    1. Yes, it can be frustrating, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't carry on! :D


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