Friday, 5 December 2014


Swooping and swimming; singing and dancing; chatting and giggling.

Butterflies are a feeling that, as a child, I didn't particularly like most of the time. I mostly felt them when I was really nervous. When I was competing in competitions or when I was scared. They felt intrusive and they would start of a flurry of unwanted thoughts. It would mean a really sudden fearing child, thinking the worst.

Since, I have felt the gorgeous side of butterflies and the want to feel them. When I succeed in something; when I'm proud; when I'm surrounded by people I'm closest with; when I want a moment to last for ever but know there will be many more butterfly-inducing moments to come. An endless list of happy situations where I feel warmth and not seclusion from the delicately happy metaphors in my stomach.

This summer was one I will never forget. Full of happiness and full of butterflies, I appreciated the butterflies that were caused by anticipation; the butterflies that were caused by good company; the butterflies that were caused by a lot of contentment. I could never resent them now.

~ ♡ ~ 

Without knowing whether her footsteps are ones part of a nightmare, she listens out to know she is still breathing. Her stomach on fire with nerves, her eyes forget to blink. Steadying her posture, she looks forward and hopes for the best.

* * * 

Remembering every detail so that when she tells the story again, every picturesque feeling is replicated in word-form, her eyes glisten at the night. Her stomach alive with firework-like tranquility, her eyes cannot look away. Her hands enjoy the melody; the harmony; the chorus of butterflies in her stomach. Steadying her heart, she nods in happy anticipation. 

♡ ~
Days Out & Songs,

The Girl in the Moonlight.

P.S. I'm blogging every day up until Christmas for Blogmas and you can read yesterday's post HERE!


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